This is a maintenance release just to keep up with the new versions of Jomsocial. We added official support for versions from 4.1.4 to 4.2.5.

Populator 1.0.2 has been tested with Jomsocial versions as old as 3.4.4, but it should work with even older ones, back to 3.2


Populator is a Joomla component which creates fake but fully functional Jomsocial user profilesgroups and events.

It is intended for testing and showcasing when developing a Jomsocial site or extension.

You can find more details about Populator for Jomsocial in the Extensions section of our site here.

You can freely download it, by registering to our site.

Please Note :
This project is no longer maintained and new user registrations have been deacivated.

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