Extensy Populator for Jomsocial

Are you developing sites with Jomsocial?

Are you developing extensions for Jomsocial?

Then you need the Extensy Populator! 

With Extensy Populator you can create user profiles and groups, just by pressing a button. How many users do you need? 5, 50 or 150? Ok, just type the number and press "create" (caution). Your site will be populated with the number of fake users, or groups, you asked.

Wait a minute! Did I say "fake"? Well, yes, they are actually fake, but ...

  • They have the full functionality of a real user. They have a username and password, they can log in, upload photos, write comments, send messages, anything a fully functional user can do.

  • They have their own avatar and cover images, both users and groups. The best part : you don't have to provide fake images, you don't have to do anything. Those images are created automatically and are distinct for each entity. Just don't expect to see any nice faces. Nope ... Those images are a monochrome background with the name of the entity written on it.

  • Custom profiles with custom fields? No worries. The Extensy Populator can handle them. And your profiles will be created with realistic names and other characteristics.

So, can anyone immediately tell that those users and groups are fake? Absolutely! They are not intended to pass as real entities in production sites. You need them for testing purposes when developing :

  • You are developing a new site based on Jomsocial. You need fake data to test the functionality and the design. You need fake data to demo the site to your client.

  • You are developing an extension for Jomsocial. Again, you need fake data to work with, to test, to showcase.

Would you ever create, let's say 50 users and 20 groups, manually? And what if you needed to recreate them? Horror!

Not any more! Now you can have as many quality fake data as you want. Just say how much! And any time you can delete it and recreate it. Just by pressing a button ... Nice!


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